Where do I find spareparts for my Lis-jolle?

  • I bought an old Lis-Jolle 10 years ago and now it nead to be repared. The wire to get the keel up has to be fixed to the keel somehow and the locker to the kabyss has to be replaced.

    Do anyone know were I can get those parts?

    You can ansver in German if You want, I do read some German even though You would not understand my writing...

  • Hallo Anna,
    you can get all you need here: www.gade-boote.de.
    This ist the producer of the Lis-Jolle.
    Normally you can get everything and every information you need to repair your boat.
    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck

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    G 1463

  • Hi Anna,
    instead of a wire you can use a dyneema rope. Advantage is, that you can attach that to the keel by simply making a large knot on the end, that is threaded into the hole in the keel. Have a look:
    (especially last picture there; click on the pictures to view a larger version)

    Bootsblog und Refit Log LIS Jollenkreuzer G1240: